Monday, 30 January 2017

Vivid Sydney on The Rocks

When Vivid Sydney is in town the city lights up, welcoming all to its many installations scattered around the place. Spread over the city, Vivid Sydney encourages you to explore Sydney and discover its hidden treasures. Head to the Rocks to enjoy Vivid Sydney and embrace the rich history of the city. Have one on the rocks from Sydney’s oldest pubs for some liquid courage before exploring the cobbled streets of the Rocks, enjoying the history of the place while keeping an eye out for Vivid Sydney installations.

They wouldn’t be hard to miss especially at night with the installations lit up in their finest glory. With its close proximity to the harbour, you wouldn’t miss any of the action happening out there as well. Get one of the best views of the Opera House as it is illuminated in all its Vivid glory. Watch and marvel at the visual imagery as the sails of the Opera House transform to a kaleidoscope of colours and images, putting up a show on its own. Also catch the Harbour lights parade in which ships and vivid dinner cruise vessels partcipate, all lighted up in different shades making the harbour a bright and colourful place.
Explore the rich history of the Rocks while munching on some bikkies or sipping some refreshments. The birthplace of modern Sydney, this is where the great city began in 1788 with the arrival of the first convict ship. The beginnings were rough,but now the Rocks is one of Sydney’s prime locations and still retains an old-world charm making it a very appealing Vivid Lights Festival venue.
There is lots more to see around the place if you want a change from Vivid Sydney. Sydney Observatory is one of the sights to not miss and a night tour is a must. View the stars, planets and other celestial bodies through a telescope and marvel at these natural beauties. There are many Aboriginal art galleries to visit if the art bug bites you. And if old buildings and architecture are your thing, there are numerous preserved structures of yore still maintained as heritage sites that’s worth a visit. 
You also won’t go hungry while exploring the Rocks. There are lots of eateries around the Rocks serving delicious food from around the world. With a mix of different cultures, you get almost every major world cuisine here from Italian to Thai to Indian. Souvenir and bargain hunters will also find the place a happy hunting ground as you can spot bargains from traditional Aboriginal art to fine Australian opals.

So head to the Rocks this Vivid Sydney as you wouldn’t miss out on anything. And more importantly have a good time with friends and family as there are activities galore to suit people with diverse interests. After a Vivid Sydney Cruise, this might be the next best place for a get-together withfriends and family to experience this brilliant light festival and create lasting memories!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Vivid Cruises

Explore Sydney at its ‘Vivid’ Best

It seems the sun never sets in the Harbour City! Sydney has something in store for every season, making sure that there is no dull time of the year to complain about! After such a resounding New Year’s Eve celebration, complete with fireworks, parades and many harbour events, you’d think the city is done with events. And, that’s when you hear about Vivid Sydney!

Vivid Sydney showcases Australia’s culture and heritage in an all new state-of-the-art-way. It’s a celebration of light, music and ideas. There are many installations that interact with the visitors making the experience memorable and interesting. This is probably why more than 2.3 million visitors are drawn to Sydney during the Vivid Sydney Lights Festival.

A visual extravaganza like no other, the artists use lights to convey thoughts and ideas to the visitors. The Sydney Opera House is a key partner in the visual element with its iconic sails acting as a canvas for projecting thematic light installations. Another major Vivid Sydney partner is the Harbour Lights exhibition where the Harbour Bridge is lit up brilliantly in colours of many hues. Many Vivid cruise vessels that operate Vivid dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour take part in the Harbour Lights exhibition, making it nothing short of a spectacle. Vivid Sydney is not just a visual statement, but also a showcase of technological prowess where creativity knows no bounds.

The whole city comes alive during the Vivid Sydney festival, though, a major display of installations and Vivid events happen in and around the harbour. So, the best views can be enjoyed from one of the many Vivid Sydneycruises on Sydney Harbour. You can get good Vivid cruise deals ranging from sightseeing cruises to dinner cruises giving you excellent value-for-money options, making a Vivid Harbour cruise your best bet for a complete Vivid experience!

Last year’s installations spread across the harbour conveying interesting messages were stunning to say the least. The Fountain, a light sculpture that showed the global birth rate as ‘human water droplets’ that shoot skyward, land on their feet to walk into the distance, was extremely thought-provoking. Heart of the City was an installation where the viewer is made to sit on a beanbag that glows red to the heartbeat of the person. It was a hugely popular installation mainly due to its immersive nature and interactivity with the visitors.

Musical cubes was another popular one where a computer program would calculate the music tune based on the placement of cubes on a table. ‘I Love You’ was a rather cheesy exhibit, but nonetheless an attractive one, where a heart is a giant love-o-meter that fills up depending on how vociferously you declare your love.

Vivid Sydney can be a modern version of many traditional displays of art and culture. The way it moulds in light which can be seen as art, music and ideas makes it a multi-faceted platform that is turning out to be one of global significance. It has evolved into a portal through which a large crowd can be influenced and exposed to new ideas and thoughts. Let’s see what Vivid Sydney 2017 has in store for us!